Monday, March 21, 2011

Sample New Employee Announcement Memo

The season ends with a clear victory (maybe too stringent) against St. Louis Milan, this team also showed that many 2001. With the onset of the feud between the squad, part of the Resu for the first fraction with field Luke in goal, Nicola Bull and Martin on defense, and Andrea Abdow Ciarla forward. Balance in the field throughout the first third of the race where, if the Resu dominates the field, in a couple of occasions, the hosts are dangerous monsters. First things first. At the 2nd Abdow launches Ciarla that is anticipated by the defense, and new ball taken from Abdow launch Ciarla whose shot was rejected by the goalkeeper. After a new attempt to Andrea rejected by the defense presents an opportunity for the 4th Martina: punishment, Abdow leans Martina pulling the goalie with a dip angle sends. Two minutes later, again supported by Martina Abdow for carrying out a cross which, for too long, it becomes a dangerous lob the goalkeeper deflects corner. 8th thrill for Resu: Martina is topped by a launch that comes on right at 9, 11, which anticipates the cross for Luca output and 7 at the door wide open shot up. The 9th is replaced by Nicola and Andrea Faida retreats in defense. Faida And just a minute to break the ice on the left of Abdow persistent action which, though opposed, manages to put the center, which was rejected short of the goalkeeper and slid Faida enter into pushing the ball into the net. And 'the 1-0 which will close the first third of the race, not before Defence rossoblu pass a new thrill: 9, a shot from outside the box body which would not be worrying for the strength of the shot itself, if Taurus Ciarla and not collide the edge of the area in an attempt to intercept it. Neither of them takes it and the ball goes slowly to the right edge of the pole of Luke.
For the second time are replaced with Ossama Andrea on the right and left Ciarla with Alessio. Check out the latest attempt by Nicola from outside the 2nd, the goalkeeper blocked with no problems. Nicola launches the 3rd on the left, the ball seems lost since 10 is the lead on Alex, 10, and instead let the ball slide Alessio is ready to take advantage of beating the keeper out with a bias towards the more open. A minute later Alex gets into the opponent's defense trying to deflect a low cross on goal Ossama, the goalkeeper comes out meeting and deflects for a corner. Third goal in the 5th: Alex crossed from the left, deviation Abdow out of time sending the goalkeeper who passes the ball between his legs. Four 8th. From left to Abdow Alessio position on the edge of central control, in turn shot and elusive ball to the goalkeeper. 11th Luke complicates life making out a ball that seems manageable, freeing the remedy Toro area. Alessio on revitalizing forces the goalkeeper to uscirgli meeting to reject, the collection is rejected by Abdow marking the fifth goal to door nearly empty. Last two minutes with the attacking trio that makes havoc ahead: the 13th Abdow is free with a personal action on the right and make a cross-shot on which Alexis is late for the deviation. A minute later to leave Alessio Ossama against the doors, the goal does not come up too Alessio because the shot (perhaps deflected for a corner). The second third and then closed on 5-0.
For the third time in fall camp to Andrew Ossama, Faida for Abdow and chat to Alex, with Martina moved to center field to push the attack. The home attack for the first few minutes of the third time engaging Luke on several occasions. 11 to 1 shot that Luke crashes to the ground. Two minutes after 9 crossed from the left edge of crossbar and Luke hangs on the line in jack high. At the 4th relaunch wrong Andrea 11 Luke tries to surprise with a lob that hit the top of the intersection of the poles to the right. At the 6th Nicola action on the right, crossing Ciarla that collects in the center, opening toward the left and starts a shot past goalkeeper into the top corner: 6-0. 8th of 11 occurs only in front of Luke's exit meeting rejecting the attempt and two minutes after that Luke puts his seal to his unbeaten record today, taking the position with a leap backwards through which manages to divert for a corner the last attempt, 9. 11th Martin puts his signature to the 7 th goal, scored with a body shot in the race just past half the field: the goalkeeper let the ball bounce over him and his desperate attempt to recover fails, unfortunately for him, after the ball has crossed the line. The same goes back door on a late first shot of Martina, deflected for a corner with a great sprint that takes him from the intersection of the poles, then a shot from Andrew, who rejects a flight with plastic. The game ended with the victory of the Resu for 7-0 and, by virtue of the results of the previous Saturday, with the placing third in the standings. The match that closes the circle you can not say much: considering the age difference with the opposing team (which, however, has shown his ability to maneuver well) it should be noted, perhaps one of the best performance by Alex as well as feuds that, when he was in the field, was a good and bad weather on the left side. Ossama has done its part but did not score and the two remaining attackers (and Abdow Ciarla, now leaving them too) is enriched by good performance goals. And now we start with other tournaments ...

John Silanos


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